Laird Electric

About Us


Laird is a multi-faceted three-dimensional company providing electrical, instrumentation and power line construction and maintenance to commercial and industrial clients throughout Western Canada. Laird has a over 50 year history which began in Fort McMurray in 1962. Now headquartered in Edmonton, we have established many long-standing relationships with clients in a wide variety of industries including petrochemical, refinery, and power generation.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the energy/oil sands industries’ needs of having “one” company that will provide complete PEI (Power-line, Electrical, Instrumentation) service. This includes design layout, construction, calibration, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and operations of plants.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality service to our customers in the most cost-effective, safe and timely manner.

In the past 50+ years of business we have developed many working relationships with petrochemical and power generation companies, engineering firms and prime contractors. In this way, we can better serve their needs on each specific job or plant site.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We strive to be the most admired electrical services company in Canada.

Our Mission

  • CREATE value for our clients and stakeholders
  • ATTRACT, retain and develop empowered staff with industry leading skills
  • EXCEED our clients’ expectations through proprietary management systems, people, integrity and relationships
  • OFFER competitive services while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality
  • GROW through diversification and continuous improvement
  • DELIVER consistently superior operating and financial results
  • CONTRIBUTE positively to the communities in which we work, live and play

Our Values

  • Ensuring the SAFETY of all our employees, customers, and associates
  • Valuing PEOPLE as the essential asset of our company with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission
  • Executing QUALITY work that exceeds expectations
  • Governing ourselves with INTEGRITY in our operations and relationships

Health, Safety and Environment

Laird’s HS&E programs are continuously improving in order to achieve our safety goals. We are committed to ensuring all employees have the training, equipment and procedures necessary to work safely with “zero” incidents or injuries. At Laird, safety is not just a procedure; it is also the way we do business. Laird is dedicated to the concept that all incidents are preventable and we strive to achieve this goal through effective safety program management.

Safety Trend Monitoring

Proactive safety program measurement in the form of safety audits and inspections is conducted monthly at each project. Results are benchmarked and improvement opportunities identified. Lost time accident, medical aid, first aid and near miss frequencies are monitored continuously. Statistics are tracked by project manager, supervisor and foreman. Corrective actions are developed and implemented accordingly.

Safety Personnel

Laird’s Manager of Safety oversees the project safety plans, safe work plans and safety procedures of all projects, as well as supports the on-site safety officers who enforce these measures. Laird’s Workers Compensation and Safety Administrator ensures all incidents are recorded and reported within 72 hours and tracks all incidents for corporate statistics. Modified work programs are reinforced and statistics tracked carefully to measure safety performance.

Program Development

Laird is continuously improving our current safety and loss prevention programs and proactively developing new ones. Our safety culture is enhanced by the implementation of the START (Supervisor Training in Accident Reduction Techniques) program. Laird’s safety culture is supported by senior management and is the foundation from which additional, essential safety program elements are developed and implemented. Our HS&E program has grown to include the following:

  • HS&E manual
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Corporate policy statement
  • Environmental policy statement
  • Project safety plans
  • Modified work program
  • Field level risk assessment
  • Behavior based safety
  • WCB claims management
  • Near miss reporting
  • Supervisor safety training
  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
Laird actively participates in several industry initiatives and associations to ensure that our safety programs exceed the demands of industry and owner safety expectations.
Quality Management

Laird has developed and designed a new Quality Management System (QMS) based on the principles of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 Third Edition. This system is effectively implemented to provide products and services that meet customer requirements and ensure quality standards. The QMS is aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction through its effective application and ensuring compliance at all stages throughout the project, from contract review and approval to final turnover to the customer. The field of applicability for this particular QMS is in construction, installation, commissioning and servicing of electrical, instrumentation and power utility systems.

Laird’s quality plan is developed with ownership in mind. Our concept of quality extends well beyond the quality of the end product. Laird’s team takes pride in their work and is accountable for their workmanship. Laird believes the quality improvement process is not the sole responsibility of the QC Department, but a function in which the entire organization participates. By everyone successfully doing all the small things, Laird can collectively achieve our objectives.

Our Quality Control program ensures that systems and procedures are in place to properly execute and deliver quality workmanship. The Quality Control Manual describes the means in which we implement this program. Much like an ISO quality system, the manual covers various areas of activities that are pertinent to a sound quality system.

Laird’s extensive Quality Control program is registered with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) regulating authority. ABSA administers Alberta’s pressure equipment safety program under The Safety Codes Act, and has the authority to enforce pressure equipment safety as set out in the legislation. Customers benefit from our quality program by:

  • Understanding who is responsible and accountable for what in our organization
  • Understanding how Laird works towards building in quality in what we do
  • Being able to compare our system with theirs when assessing needs
  • Knowing that systems are in place to assure compliance and address non-compliance
  • Avoiding additional overhead costs in the form of administration and supervision

Laird is a diversified construction company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Laird provides building construction, commercial and industrial electrical contracting, heavy construction and industrial installation services throughout Western Canada.